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Oahu Camping Van Rentals

Welcome to Oahu Camping Van Rentals. We offer authentic VW Westfalia Camper Vans. Why be cooped up in an expensive and stationary hotel room when you can see the real Hawaii and enjoy the sounds, smells and sights that make Oahu beautiful? Enjoy our island Hawaiian style.

Wake up with the sound of waves breaking and trade winds blowing through the air. Make some coffee and take a stroll on a white sand beach with the one you love. This really is an Island Paradise! Travel through mountains, along the ocean and set up camp when you find your perfect spot. You get all of this for less than the cost of most hotel rooms. Save money by cooking your own meals and supplying your own refreshments. Rent a Van from Oahu Camping Vans for a truly economical vacation in Hawaii!

Oahu Camping Vans strives to offer the best camping experience that Oahu has to offer. Our fully equipped camping vans sleep 4 adults in camping style comfort.

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